Stellar Transformations

Book 18 - Chapter 45C

Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain – Chapter 45 – Grandmist Golden Banner

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Lin Meng nodded and said. “Qin Yu, you didn’t know about this but this Chehou Yuan had already reached the apex of artifact crafting. The Fix Elemental Pearl that he managed to make in the end is essentially the model of a Cosmos!”

Qin Yu recalled the Fix Elemental Pearl. The inside of the Fix Elemental Pearl was a cosmic space.

“Model? Second brother, what do you mean by that? I know about that Fix Elemental Pearl. Although it is peculiar, there is no Spatial Laws and Temporal Laws in it.” Qin Yu said in confusion.

Lin Meng smiled and shook his head. “Big Brother and I have carefully observed this Chehou Yuan for a long time. Actually, the process by which Chehou Yuan created the Fix Elemental Pearl was practically the same as the process in which Big Brother used the Grandmist Spiritual Energy to create the Cosmos.”

“The same?” Qin Yu looked to Lin Meng.

“Yes. Unfortunately, Chehou Yuan was unable to enter into the Grandmist Space at all. The materials that he had used were merely things originated from the various Mortal Realm spaces. In the end, those materials managed to complement each other and achieve an effect comparable to the Grandmist Spiritual Energy. However, no matter what, those materials did not possess Grandmist Spiritual Energy. Thus, this caused him to be only able to create a Fix Elemental Pearl in the end.”

Lin Meng shook his head and said with a sigh. “This Chehou Yuan, had he spent his talent on cultivation, then it might be possible for him to create a new Cosmos. Merely, he had spent all of his expenditure on artifact crafting. Due to the fact that he was unable to utilize a large amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy, no matter how talented he was, that Fix Elemental Pearl that he created was greatly inferior to an actual Cosmos.”

Qin Yu nodded. He came to understand it a bit.

“It’s truly a pity. Someone who was originally able to be the same as us. However, he had taken the wrong path. Thus, I decided to give him some compensation and allowed him to become an Exalted Celestial. Merely… I still feel very regretful for him.” Lin Meng shook his head and sighed.

Qin Yu also felt regretful.

Back then, when Qin Yu saw the Fix Elemental Pearl, he had sensed that it was very similar to the Cosmos. Within the Fix Elemental Pearl, one could not even use the Spatial laws. With merely this, one could tell that it was the model of a Cosmos.

Unfortunately, in order to create a Cosmos, a large amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy was required.

This Chehou Yuan, even though he had journeyed through several millions of Mortal Realm cosmic spaces and gathered all kinds of materials, the effect of those materials, no matter how good they were, were unable to match up to the primitive Grandmist Spiritual Energy.

As Qin Yu and Lin Meng walked and chatted, every step they took was the distance of an entire Divine Realm. After chatting for a short period of time, Qin Yu and Lin Meng had arrived at their destination.

In the depths of the boundless Grandmist Spiritual Energy was a floating thatched cottage.

A little thatched cottage. Before the cottage was a thick and short Cassia Tree. Underneath The Cassia Tree was a stone table, with three benches beside it. This was Big Brother’s residence.

In the surroundings, a boundless amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy was flowing about. In the center was a floating dry land with a circumference of several tens of meters.

Qin Yu took a step onto the floating land before the thatched cottage. His gaze was immediately cast toward the middle aged man sitting beside the stone table. This middle aged man wore a simple and unadorned sackcloth gown. His long hair was casually draped over his shoulder in a scattered manner. His appearance was like that of someone who didn’t care about appearance. At this moment, he was drinking wine from his wine cup. However, his eyes were fixed upon a golden book before him.

“Big brother.” Lin Meng immediately shouted.

Only at this moment did this middle aged man raise his head. When he saw Lin Meng and Qin Yu, he was immediately overjoyed. “Haha, this is Third Brother Qin Yu, right? Haha. This is truly great. I finally get to meet you, Third Brother.” This middle aged man was extremely enthusiastic. He immediately stood up to welcome Qin Yu and Lin Meng.

Qin Yu and Lin Meng immediately sat down.

“Quickly, have a seat, try out the wine that I made. This wine is something that I brewed after gathering a lot of the materials from my Cosmos. It’s extremely good.” The middle aged man waved his sleeve and two wine cups appeared before Qin Yu and Lin Meng.

Lin Meng turned to Qin Yu. He smiled and said. “Qin Yu, Big Brother is an extremely nice individual. There is no need for you to be reserved. Oh, that’s right. I have yet to tell you Big Brother’s name. His name is… Hong Meng.”

“Hong Meng?” Qin Yu was startled.

Hong Meng smiled and said. “Is there something you’re confused about? Haha… to be honest, because I am the very first life in this space, I decided to name the entire space as Grandmist Space.”

[TL: Hong(Grand) Meng(mist) ]

Qin Yu suddenly understood.

“Qin Yu, I have waited for over a thousand Grand Kalpas till the appearance of Lin Meng. However, never would I expect that after only two Grand Kalpas, you’ve appeared. I am truly too happy. Haha…” Hong Meng started to laugh loudly.

The first life in the Grandmist Space was currently extremely excited.

Only by creating a Cosmos would one be able to be considered as a living thing at the same level as Hong Meng. For there to be two such individuals now, Hong Meng was naturally extremely happy.

“Qin Yu, there is another thing that I must tell you. That Cosmos of yours is still not completed yet.” Hong Meng said with a smile. After that, he waved his hand and a water screen mirror appeared before them. Three enormous Cosmos appeared on the mirror.

Qin Yu turned around and looked.

“What, what is this?” Qin Yu was startled.

Qin Yu was able to immediately distinguish that the Cosmos to the right was the one that he created. The other two Cosmos were Cosmos that Lin Meng and Hong Meng had created.

“You know the difference now, right? Lin Meng and my Cosmoses, other than the Main Cosmos in the center, there are four other Subsidiary Cosmoses. The size of the Subsidiary Cosmoses are only a tenth of the Main Cosmos. However, these Subsidiary Cosmoses would allow the Main Cosmos to be even more stable. This state is also the most perfect state.”

Hong Meng waved his hand and then a leaf fell down from the Cassia Tree beside them.

Hong Meng handed this leaf to Qin Yu. “Qin Yu, the method to create the four Subsidiary Cosmoses is contained within this leaf. There is also no need for you to be anxious about the creation of the four Subsidiary Cosmoses. You merely need to work on them when you’re free after you return.”

“Thank you Big Brother Hong Meng.” Qin Yu immediately took the leaf.

“Qin Yu, I reckon that you only have the ability to figure out the fates of the people from your Cosmos, right?” Hong Meng said with a smile.

Qin Yu nodded. Confused, he asked. “Big Brother Hong Meng, is there something strange about this?”

“For Lin Meng and I, we are able to determine the fate of every creature in any Cosmos. When your Cosmos has living creatures, the two of us would also be able to figure out their destiny.” Hong Meng said mysteriously.

“Why is that the case?” Qin Yu was confused.

Lin Meng smiled and said. “Big Brother, stop teasing Qin Yu anymore. Just summon out the Grandmist Golden Banner.”

“Grandmist Golden Banner?” Qin Yu heard a name that he had never heard before.

“You’ll understand soon.” Hong Meng waved his hand. Qin Yu clearly saw that in the hundred of million miles distance far away , a golden banner appeared and was floating through the boundless Grandmist Spiritual Energy toward their location.

That golden banner had flown to the front of Qin Yu, Hong Meng and Lin Meng’s location.

“Huff.” Qin Yu clearly felt that this golden banner had a special kind of oppressive pressure. It had actually caused even his heart to throb. Qin Yu carefully looked to the golden banner.

This Grandmist Golden Banner was six meters long and half a meter wide. The entire Grandmist Golden Banner was gold in color. Behind the Grandmist Golden Banner was a faint yet enormous writing the size of the Grandmist Golden Banner.

This writing was extremely peculiar. Qin Yu immediately recognized that it was the same sort of handwriting as the one written on the All People Seal. Although he did not recognize the words, the meaning of this writing immediately appeared in his mind.

That enormous writing was ‘Meng.’

On the Grandmist Golden Banner itself were two words. They were also written in that complicated writing. Qin Yu managed to easily recognize those two words. They were respectively ‘Hong’ and ‘Lin.’

“Qin Yu, this is the Grandmist Golden Banner. As long as one’s name is on the Grandmist Golden Banner, one would be a Grandmist Controller. As a Grandmist Controller, everything in the Grandmist Space, regardless of which Cosmos it is, one would be able to determine the fate of every living thing in there. Furthermore, that person would be able to use the energy in any of the Cosmoses.” Hong Meng said with a smile.

“Grandmist Controller?” Qin Yu was shocked.

“The Grandmist Space is boundless. As time passed, naturally more Cosmoses could appear. This Grandmist Golden Banner was also something that the Grandmist Space gave birth to, much like myself. This Grandmist Golden Banner is used to control the entire Grandmist Space.” Hong meng said with a smile.

Lin Meng also nodded. “Qin Yu, you merely need to imprint a trace of your soul into it to become a Grandmist Controller.”

“Eh? This Grandmist Banner, the words ‘Hong’ and ‘Lin’ had only occupied half of the space for the first row. Two more words could be written on it.” Qin Yu said with a smile.

With an intention from Qin Yu, a trace of his soul’s energy flew over and assimilated into the Grandmist Golden Banner.

The Grandmist Golden Banner immediately started to shine brightly. Golden light was shot out from the Grandmist Golden Banner. Instantly, it covered the boundless space. Even those three Cosmoses were covered by the light.

After a while, the Grandmist Golden Banner returned to its former state.

On the first row of the Grandmist Golden Banner was the words ‘Hong,’ ‘Lin,’ and ‘Qin.’

Instantly, a countless amount of information rushed into Qin Yu’s mind, including the information regarding the Grandmist Space. It also included the information of his Big Brother and Second Brother’s Cosmos’s, the Hong Meng Cosmos and the Lin Meng Cosmos.

Sure enough.

As a Grandmist Controller, he knew the information from every Cosmos and was able to calculate the fate of anyone.

“So this was it.” At this moment, Qin Yu realized why there could be four words written on the first row of the Grandmist Golden Scroll. “Never would I expect that the Grandmist Controllers are separated into different ranks.” ‘Third Brother,’ Qin Yu smiled and gasped.

“That’s of course.” Big Brother Hong Meng nodded and said. “Those on the first row of the Grandmist Golden Banner are the first class Grandmist Controllers, the highest level Grandmist Controllers. Other than these four, the others are all ordinary Grandmist Controllers.”

Qin Yu also understood.

After time passed, more people who created Cosmos would appear. Thus, a hierarchy would naturally form.

The first four Cosmos creators were the first class Grandmist Controllers.

As for the people following, they would all be ordinary Grandmist Controllers. These people would be administered by the first-class Grandmist Controllers.

“The Grandmist Space is boundless, however, for the stability of the Grandmist Space, the Grandmist Golden Banner still had rules to it. In the entire Grandmist Space, only four largest Cosmoses were allowed. Qin Yu, your Cosmos is the same size as my Cosmos and Big Brother’s Cosmos. Only four such size Cosmoses were allowed… As for the future, even if someone managed to create a Cosmos again, their size would only be a hundredth of our Cosmos.” Lin Meng said with a smile.

Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu also understood that the strength of Cosmos Creators were directly proportional to the size of their Cosmos. The greater their Cosmos, the stronger their abilities would be.

“There are only four first class Grandmist Controllers. Now, there are already three first class Grandmist Controllers. I wonder who would be lucky enough for become the fourth first class Grandmist Controller.” Qin Yu said with a smile.

Qin Yu also understood that after having his name written on the Grandmist Golden Banner, he now had an additional name, ‘Qin Meng.’

As Qin Meng. Qin Yu’s Cosmos was also called Qin Meng Cosmos.

“Those who could create Cosmos, they ought to all be originated from people who have fates that we cannot determine.” Hong Meng lightly smiled and said.

Qin Yu also nodded.

After becoming a Grandmist Controller, Qin Yu was able to calculate the fate of practically everyone in all the Cosmoses. However, it was only practically! In a single Cosmos, there were always several tens of people with fates that he could not determine.

“For example, there’s you, Qin Yu and Lin Meng. Back then, I was unable to determine the fates of either of you. And now, the two of you both managed to successfully become Grandmist Controllers… Of course, there would always be over ten thousand individuals who I could not determine the fates of in every Grand Kalpa. However, those that are able to successfully create a Cosmos are extremely rare.” Hong Meng smiled as he shook his head.


Hong Meng suddenly cried out in surprise. “Lin Meng, there’s a Mortal Realm cosmic space in your Cosmos that surprisingly has six individuals with fates that cannot be determined.”

It was practically unimaginable!

In a Grand Kalpa, there would only be over ten thousand individuals with fates that cannot be determined. Generally, at any given moment, only several tens of individuals had fates that cannot be determined in a Cosmos. Furthermore, the amount of Mortal Realm cosmic spaces in a Cosmos numbered greater than ten million.

Among the ten million Mortal Realm cosmic spaces, there were actually six individuals with fates that cannot be determined. Furthermore, they were all from the same Mortal Realm cosmic space.

“Oh? I have also discovered that Mortal Realm cosmic space. Oh, that’s right. That cosmic space is a Science and Technology cosmic space. It’s the hometown of Qin Yu’s master, Lei Wei.” Lin Meng said with a smile.

Qin Yu also managed to determine.

His master Lei Wei’s hometown, that Science and Technology cosmic space was extremely developed right now. In that Mortal Realm cosmic space, there were surprisingly six individuals with undetermined fates. Furthermore, three of those individuals were on ‘Earth.’

“Haha, I shall give it a push and see if there would be a Grandmist Controller borned from this cosmic space.” Hong Meng said with a smile. After that, he picked up his cup of wine and casually sprinkled it around.

The wine from the cup of wine immediately streaked across the Grandmist Space and directly flew into the Science and Technology space. In the end, it landed on Earth.

Although it was only a cup of wine, it was wine that Hong Meng had carefully brewed. Although it might not mean much to Qin Yu and Lin Meng, but that cup of wine was extremely useful to Godkings and Exalted Celestials.

“Big Brother, Second Brother, I have yet to properly tell my wife and sons of my success in the Cosmos creation. As for that Qin Meng Cosmos, I have also not created life in it yet. I shall take my leave first. After I finish all my matters, I will return and properly gather with Big Brother and Second Brother.” Qin Yu said with a smile.

Hong Meng and Lin Meng both nodded with smiles on their faces.

“The amount of time we have in the future is boundless. There is no need to rush.” Hong Meng said with a smile.

Qin Yu immediately left. With a single teleportation, he had disappeared from the Grandmist Space. As for Hong Meng and Lin Meng, the two of them continued to remain in the Grandmist Space and continued to drink and chat before the thatched cottage.

Purple Mystic Mansion. A group of people were gathered in the courtyard.

“What, you still haven’t found him?” Jiang Li had became anxious.

At this moment, the entire Purple Mystic Mansion was in an upheaval. Many people had gone out to find Qin Yu’s youngest son, Qin Shuang. No one had imagined that Qin Shuang had secretly left by himself.

“Mom, don’t worry. Second brother might have gone to some place to play. He would likely return soon.” Qin Si was consoling Jiang Li beside her.

“Li’er, don’t worry. A lot of the Godkings had gone to find him. They will be able to find him.” Jiang Lan consoled.

At this moment, both Hei Yu and Hou Fei were also here. The sudden disappearance of Qin Shuang had turned the entire Purple Mystic Mansion upside down. As Qin Shuang’s strength was too weak, everyone naturally became worried.

“Sigh. Little Shuang, that child. I had merely mentioned that to him yet he actually ran away. It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault.” Jiang Li blamed herself.

“Li’er, what’s wrong?”

A black gowned Qin Yu walked in from the entrance of the courtyard. When they saw Qin Yu, the large group of people gathered in the courtyard were immediately stunned. As Qin Yu had arrived, this matter might be resolved very quickly.

“Brother Yu.” After seeing Qin Yu, Jiang Li almost cried. “Little Shuang disappeared. I had merely told him that Brother Yu has managed to complete his martial technique and would be able to help him increase his cultivation speed greatly. But… but that child, he said in a revolt that he would be fine by relying on himself. At that time, I also didn’t take note of it. However, surprisingly, with only a turn of my head, he disappeared.”

Seeing Jiang Li’s almost crying appearance, Qin Yu said. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Little Shuang is fine. He has gone to a Mortal Realm cosmic space.” With a single intention, Qin Yu knew where his son had went.

“Mortal Realm cosmic space?” Jiang Li immediately felt her heart loosening.

In the Mortal Realm, that Qin Shuang could still be considered as being safe.

Qin Yu also knew himself that this youngest son of his, perhaps because of the fact that his father’s, mother’s and older brother’s cultivation were all extremely high, had been feeling oppressed. This ended up causing him to have a rebellious attitude.

“Li’er, Little Shuang is currently in the hometown of my late master Lei Wei, that Science and Technology cosmic space.” Qin Yu smiled and looked to Qin Si beside him. “Little Si, you must also properly put your heart into cultivation training. Little Shuang’s accomplishment might be even higher than yours in the future.”

“Oh?” Qin Si was a bit surprised.

Qin Yu however knew very well himself. His youngest son, Qin Shuang, was one such individual with an undetermined fate. Furthermore, Qin Shuang had gone to the Science and Technology Mortal Realm cosmic space that contained the most people with undetermined fates. Even Qin Yu was unable to determine what sort of path his youngest son would end up walking in the future.

“Li’er, Xiao Hei, Bai Ling, Fei Fei, Zi Xia, Hong Yun. My Qin Meng Cosmos is now completed. All that I’m doing now is creating life on it. When I’m creating the various living things, you all should come with me to watch it and give me some ideas on what to create.” Qin Yu said with a smile.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu’s eyes started to shine.

“Wow, creating life?” Hou Fei was so excited that his body started shivering. Even Hei Yu was overjoyed that he started smiling.

“Uncle Lan…” Qin Yu was about to speak.

Jiang Lan said with a smile. “It’s okay. I’ll go and enjoy tea with your father and them. Those kind of exciting things, it’s better for you all to go and do it yourselves.”

Qin Yu nodded with a smile.

“Gaga, let’s go!” Hou Fei shouted in excitement.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Hei Yu, Bai Ling, Hou Fei, Zi Xia and Hong Yun,the three brothers and their wives, entered into the New Cosmos and began creating life and civilization on the New Cosmos.

After entering the Qin Meng Cosmos.

“Big brother, why is this Cosmos called the Qin Meng Cosmos?” Hou Fei asked.

“Oh, this is because…” Qin Yu wanted to answer but he suddenly recalled a matter…

“That child Qin Shuang is also an individual with fate that cannot be determined. If he ended up becoming a Grandmist Controller and ended up on the Grandmist Golden Banner, then wouldn’t there be two Qin Meng Cosmoses? Wouldn’t he be renowned together with his father, me?”

When he thought of that, Qin Yu started to smile. He also began to look forward to Qin Shaung’s journey.

After that, Qin Yu and his brothers Hou Fei and Hei Yu along with their wives began their interesting days of creating life on the Qin Meng Cosmos… As for Qin Yu’s son Qin Shuang, he had also began a journey on Earth that was no less marvelous then his father’s.

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