Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Letter of Challenge

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When Qin Yun walked out of the back garden, the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciples responsible for watching the area revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

“Elder.” All of them bowed reverentially.

“Oh, Ah Chou.” Qin Yun looked at a familiar Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciple and said with a smile, “Send the order to prepare a feast.”

“Yes.” The simple and good-natured youth answered immediately. Everyone in the manor knew that Elder Meng was quite an epicure. The manor also hired some famous chefs.

Qin Yun nodded before leaving.

“Quickly inform the madam and the young lord.”

“Quickly inform Elder Dong.” Some of the disciples were trusted subordinates of Gong Yan’er and Dong Wan, so they immediately reported the matter.

Qin Yun sat down and began enjoying some tea and pastry.

Having not eaten for five months, he maintained his hydration levels by directly absorbing the water vapor from the air. He did not mind it while cultivating, but now he had a powerful craving for all sorts of good food.

Gong Yan’er brought Meng Huan and Zhong Lin over. Dong Wan, Liu Qingsha, and company also followed and stood to the side.

“Father.” Meng Huan shouted hurriedly when he was still outside.

“Huan’er.” Qin Yun looked at his son and could not help but smile. Following that, he said in delighted astonishment, “Huan’er, you have broken through to the Connate realm?”

“I grasped sword intent before the new year. My foundations were already in full harmony so I was naturally able to break through to the Connate realm in one fell swoop,” explained Meng Huan.


Qin Yun was delighted.

Although his judgment told him that his son was rather talented, Qin Yun always felt unease that his son had yet to grasp sword intent. Now, everything was fine. Meng Huan had grasped sword intent at such a young age! Such talent would rank him among the best in a cohort of Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciples.

“Yiqiu, Huan’er has something else to tell you,” said Gong Yan’er.

“Oh?” Qin Yun was puzzled.

Meng Huan looked at Zhong Lin, who was standing beside him, and said, “Father, I would like to marry Sister Zhong.” Zhong Lin also turned nervous.

After all, the person in front of her… was Meng Yiqiu, ranked first on the God roll!

He had entered seclusion for five months without eating or drinking.

According to rumors, he was a person that could shatter the void and ascend, a person that could become a god or immortal.

“Oh?” Qin Yun looked at Zhong Lin. Back when she entered the manor, Qin Yun had sent people to investigate her thoroughly. What he found made him rather pleased. Furthermore, he typically left his son’s matters to his son. He was not of a mind to object.

“Alright,” said Qin Yun with a smile. “Since you like her, choose a date. Your mother will go to the Zhong family to ask for Zhong Lin’s hand on our family’s behalf.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Meng Huan was delighted and a happy glint shimmered in Zhong Lin’s eyes.

With his background, Qin Yun was superior to the Chu Kingdom’s Li Ruji and the Wei Kingdom’s Xiahou Zhen. It was naturally inappropriate for him to visit the family to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage! Gong Yan’er’s appearance alone would already exert immense pressure on the Zhong family.

The date for the proposal was decided, as well as the betrothal gifts…

The Zhong family was nervous but they also felt overjoyed.

On the second day of the fifth month.

Meng Huan and Zhong Lin were officially married. Another year later, Zhong Lin gave birth to a son.


Time passed like flowing water, silently and noiselessly.

Unknowingly, thirty years had passed since the battle of Sovereign Capital.

The northern lands remained cold in early spring. A silver-haired elder sat on Mt. Dao Excellence and looked to the south. His breathing was as deep as an endless ocean.

“Grandfather.” Xiahou Lie greeted respectfully.

“Lie’er.” Xiahou Lie continued looking towards the south and said, “My end is approaching. There are only a few months left. As for you, you have yet to step into the Dao.”

“I’m useless.” Xiahou Lie lowered his head. He too felt indignant.

He had been cultivating arduously for a long time.

He had even deliberately challenged people all over the world. He was now ranked first on the Heaven roll! However, he failed to step into the Dao.

“Since you haven’t stepped into the Dao and I’m unable to sweep away all obstructions before my end, we shall follow our original plan. Disperse our Xiahou clan across the world and withdraw from society. The Red Lotus Fiend Sect should also go into dormancy,” said Xiahou Zhen.

“Yes,” replied Xiahou Lie politely.

If not for Meng Yiqiu’s astounding rise, Xiahou Zhen would have killed Li Ruji back then. He would have wiped away all obstacles in the world, paving the way for a massive empire.

Unfortunately, all his efforts were for naught.

The moment Xiahou Zhen’s end came, Li Ruji would not spare the Xiahou family.

“Also, get someone to send this letter of challenge to Sovereign Capital. It’s for Meng Yiqiu.” Xiahou Zhen took out a letter from his sleeve and handed it to Xiahou Lie.

“Letter of challenge? Meng Yiqiu?” Xiahou Lie received the letter respectfully despite his puzzlement.

“On the ninth next month, I will engage Meng Yiqiu in a final battle on Mt. Pool Returning outside Sovereign Capital.” Xiahou Zhen’s eyes were calm. “In this battle, I shall either shatter the void and ascend or die fighting! There is no other outcome.”

Xiahou Lie could sense his grandfather’s determination.

“Spread the news of this battle,” said Xiahou Zhen.

“Spread the news?” Xiahou Lie could not help but comment, “The news will spread throughout the world considering it is a battle of paramount figures. It will definitely attract many spectators.”

“I want it to spread throughout the world,” said Xiahou Zhen with a laugh. “After all, this will be my final battle in this world.”

Xiahou Zhen did not wish to give himself a way out at all.

“Yes,” replied Xiahou Lie politely.

The next day.

The letter of challenge arrived in Sovereign Capital’s Meng Manor.

“Madam, this is Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen’s letter of challenge.” Dong Wan politely handed the letter of challenge to Gong Yan’er. Gong Yan’er’s age could no longer be concealed. Her face was no longer smooth but her charm as Fairy Crabapple remained.

“Xiahou Zhen’s letter of challenge?” Gong Yan’er was somewhat puzzled as she opened it.

Her expression changed when she read it.

She could not help but stand up.

“Shameless. Truly shameless.” Gong Yan’er was infuriated as she could not help but say, “Where’s Yiqiu? Where is he?”

“I can’t find him. Apparently, he left the manor about an hour ago,” said Dong Wan immediately. “He might be enjoying some delicacies in Sovereign Capital.”

Qin Yun frequently patronized the various restaurants of Sovereign Capital. After all these years, it was his greatest hobby. This was also one of the reasons why he chose to permanently stay in Sovereign Capital. It was a city with a long history that survived numerous dynasties. Furthermore, it was a large city with more than ten million people. Naturally, all kinds of old and exotic culinary skills would be passed down. The number of delicacies Sovereign Capital had to offer matched or was even superior to Qin Yun’s homeworld.

Whenever Qin Yun had nothing to do, he would go out in search of good food. Qin Yun was very familiar with the many tiny eateries in the alleys and side streets.

Perhaps no one would imagine that the person eating a bowl of fried noodles by the street side would be ranked first on the God roll, an existence that was rumored to become a god or immortal.

“Quickly send people to find him,” said Gong Yan’er immediately.

“They have already been sent,” replied Dong Wan.

Gong Yan’er sat down, eyes filled with worry. She could not help but say, “Back then, Yiqiu was kindhearted and spared Xiahou Zhen! If I’m not wrong, Xiahou Zhen’s end should be approaching this year. If he doesn’t battle, he will definitely die of age! Yiqiu still has hundreds of years left to live. A dying person still wants to enter a final battle with Yiqiu?”

“That’s still nothing. The most important thing is that Xiahou Zhen’s true strength is not to be underestimated,” said Dong Wan seriously. “Back then, it was likely Elder spared him because he did not want an internecine outcome. His strength shouldn’t be much different from Elder’s.”

“What are you implying?” Gong Yan’er looked at Dong Wan.

Dong Wan said seriously, “Back then, Elder was stronger than him but the gap between their strength was limited. Now, thirty years have passed! Anything is possible. Furthermore, with the pressure of his approaching end, as well as his yearning to shatter the void and ascend, Xiahou Zhen might have made a breakthrough. If his strength were to improve tremendously, the outcome of this battle would become very unpredictable.”

Gong Yan’er’s heart tightened as she clenched her fists, protruding her veins.

“Madam, we have previously seen Elder demonstrate his sword techniques that slice open the void,” said Dong Wan. “The first time I saw the void slice open, I felt that there was a massive world on the other side of the black void rift. Every time I recall that yearning, it makes my heart palpitate. Xiahou Zhen also saw the void rift when he battled with Elder! He must be crazy about it.”

“With his end approaching and the allure of another world, who knows what Xiahou Zhen’s true strength is at present?” said Dong Wan. “Most importantly, Elder doesn’t cultivate his body.”

Gong Yan’er’s face turned pale.

“Right. Yiqiu doesn’t cultivate his body but Xiahou Zhen has.” Gong Yan’er was burning with anxiety. “Even if Yiqiu is stronger than him…in a close quarters battle the person with the weaker body will be at a disadvantage unless they are much stronger.”

“Yes.” Dong Wan nodded as well.

His Elder was destined to shatter the void and ascend. Dong Wan naturally did not wish to see his Elder take such a risk.

And the present Qin Yun was linked to many matters. Many experts were under his patronage. The Zhou Mountain Sword Sect was also a lot larger than before. Qin Yun was its absolute pillar of support. If he were to fall, it would cause immense repercussions.