Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3183 - 3183 Bear Witness

3183 Bear Witness

The alchemists in Pill King Valley were filled with anticipation. Someone asked, “Is someone among us chosen to acknowledge Pill King as Master? That would be fantastic! His alchemy skills will undoubtedly improve if he can have Pill King as his Master.”

“I wonder, which of us Pill King will select as his disciple?” Another alchemist asked. He was unsure, after all, the alchemists in the valley belonged to the same rank, so it was difficult to say.

A cultivator approached the two alchemists and whispered, “The disciple is not chosen from among you. Pill King selected a woman. She’s a woman in red who trespassed into Pill King Valley. She is very beautiful.”

The alchemists were shocked. “An outsider? No way! We are cut off from the rest of the world. Not just anyone can come to this place, let alone a woman. Can it be a mistake?”

“There’s no mistake. I’ve seen the woman, and she’s quite young. Pill King left with her. When they returned, several injured people came with them. I heard that Pill King was planning to take the woman as his successor. You’ll be able to meet her later.”

The alchemists were astonished and shocked after hearing this news. They expected Pill King to choose his disciples from among them, but instead, he chose a woman from outside.

She was just a woman, so how could she be a good alchemist? What made a woman comparable to them? Pill King was truly befuddled!

“Is it possible for a woman to catch Pill King’s attention? I’m curious to see what this woman is capable of!” An alchemist’s face turned gloomy.

“Yes, I’d like to see what’s so special about this woman that Pill King wants to make her his successor. How can Pill King choose her over us?”

“Exactly! If she has no skills, I won’t accept it!”

“I refuse to acknowledge her as Pill King’s successor or the next in line for Pill King Valley if she has no skills!”

“That’s right!”


“We must get to the bottom of this!”

For a while, the tension ran high. They seemed to be very angry and unwilling. To be Pill King’s successor was to be the Young Ruler of the Pill King Valley and the next in line to inherit Pill King Valley. How could they acknowledge such a person without real ability?

When Pill King walked out with a woman in red behind him, their gazes were drawn to her and they all frowned at the same time.

She was too young.

Pill King stood before them, clothed in a loose white robe. Both his hair and beard were white. When combined with his white robe, he exuded a remarkably immortal air.

He walked slowly with his hands behind his back, keeping an eye on the red figure following close behind. When he noticed her indifferent expression, he gave a covert nod.

She deserved his fancy, and her ability to remain calm and composed was remarkable.

He obviously did not know that Feng Jiu had lived through a lot. How could someone from Pill King Valley be able to shock her? As she moved forward, she looked at the people below and calmly sized them up.

She followed Pill King to the centre of the field. When she saw him stop, she also stopped and stood by his side, facing the crowd.

“Today is the big day when I’m accepting my disciple. Each and every one of you are all from the valley. Please bear witness!”