Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1453: Big Shots Fall

Chapter 1453: Big Shots Fall

Ling stood quietly aside and watched this scene with envy.

Among the several Kings of Rulers, Ling has always been the favorite of Yang Feng. She consumed the most natural resources, and her combat power was far higher than that of other Kings of Rulers.

But once Ying completely refines the Shadow Bead, her strength will undergo shocking changes, and she will leap into the 4th layer Eternal realm or higher.

Yang Feng turned around and returned to the palace. After he unleashed several attacks in a row, the barrier around the four crystals collapsed, and he seized the crystals.

A crystal directly cracked, and an Eternal heavenly art, Skystar Heavenly Art, appeared in Yang Feng’s sea of knowledge.

“What a wonderful Eternal heavenly art! This is an Eternal heavenly art that can be cultivated to the 8th layer Eternal realm. Unfortunately, much like Ge Taili’s Eternal heavenly art, there is a method hidden in this Eternal heavenly art that can enable Skystar Lord to resurrect!”

Yang Feng’s eyes lit up and revealed the color of excitement.

The more and more powerful Eternal heavenly arts he collects, the better Yang Feng can deduce his own Eternal heavenly art.

“What is this?”

Yang Feng grabbed a crystal and scanned it with his tremendous soul force, yet he didn’t get any information.

Ling looked at this crystal, and her beautiful eyes flickered with excitement, “Lord, please give me this crystal! This crystal can allow me to evolve again!”

Yang Feng smiled and threw the crystal to Ling: “Okay! This is yours!”

Ling is the King of Rulers under Yang Feng with the greatest potential. Although she doesn’t know what the crystal is, but by relying on her evolution instinct, she felt that it is great for her evolution.

With the shade of joy in her eyes, Ling firmly held the crystal in her hand, yet she didn’t refine it immediately.

Since there are still many Eternal Sovereigns in Skystar Lord’s relic site, Ling must preserve her perfect condition.

Ying is determined to surpass Ling. When she obtained the Shadow Bead, she integrated it into her body in the first moments. Anyway, she can use the power of the Shadow Bead at will.

Mechanical threads emerged from Yang Feng’s hand, wound around a crystal, and fused with it.

A sense of satisfaction transmitted from the Xi Shen Armor.

Yang Feng smiled and held the last crystal in his hand.

The crystal glimmered, and a set of dimensional coordinates entered Yang Feng’s sea of knowledge.

“Dimensional coordinates? This is the coordinates of another universe. It seems that Skystar Lord wanted to shed the domain’s shackles and engrave his Eternal imprint in another universe. This should be the universe he found for himself.”

Yang Feng looked at the set of dimensional coordinates and mused.

The Eternal imprint engraved in Eternal World’s domain can enable the Eternal Sovereigns use the power of a domain to better protect the domain. But once the domain is broken, they will be at the mercy of other Eternal Sovereigns.

If the Eternal imprint is placed in another universe, unless an Eternal Sovereign King steps in, there is no way to truly kill an Eternal Sovereign.

Some 9th layer Eternal Sovereigns can mobilize the power of the universe in their universe to contend against even Eternal Sovereign King realm powerhouses.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign!”

A 3rd layer Eternal Sovereign with an octopus head and dragon body appeared on the star tower, and then his countenance changed greatly.

“You’re out of luck! Go to hell!”

Yang Feng took a step, appeared in front of the Eternal Sovereign in a flash, unleashed a punch, blasted the other party apart, and devoured him.

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he disappeared. He began to hunt the Eternal Sovereigns of Feixing Firmament in the star tower.

These Eternal Sovereigns are mobile treasuries. By devouring them, Yang Feng can continue to evolve rapidly.

Seven days later.

Feixing Firmament, Shadow Domain.


Along with a surge of ripples, Yang Feng emerged from the void and waved his hand, and a huge interstellar fleet appeared.

A rain of beams shot towards the stars outside Shadow Domain.

Huge explosions rang incessantly and stars fell like rain.

Yang Feng took a step and arrived above the Shadow Shrine in the center of Shadow Domain.

Yang Feng extended his hand, countless runes glimmered, and Shadow Lord was unsealed and appeared in front of him.

“Shadow Domain! No! Feng Eternal Sovereign, don’t kill me! I will make a oath and serve you! Don’t kill me! I’m a top assassin and can kill 5th layer Eternal Sovereigns! Don’t kill me! I implore you!”

When Shadow Lord appeared, he scanned with his tremendous soul force, his face drained of blood, and he begged.

“If I kill you, I can get a stronger and more loyal assassin!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and stabbed his hand into Shadow Lord.

Countless runes shone, and Yang Feng pulled out an Eternal imprint from Shadow Lord and crushed it directly.


Shadow Lord screamed miserably, and then his eyes turned dull, and he died.

Ying jumped out from a shadow behind Yang Feng.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and Shadow Lord’s Eternal true spirit flowed into Ying.

The whole Feixing Firmament trembled slightly, an Eternal star fell in the sky, idols of Shadow Lord in many domains collapsed, and the countless believers of Shadow Lord surged with fear and sorrow welled and lost their extraordinary force.

“Shadow Lord has fallen!”

“It was Feng Eternal Sovereign!”

“What a ferocious Eternal Sovereign!”

“It’s the Feng Eternal Sovereign who killed more than 60% of Eternal Sovereigns of our Feixing Firmament in Sky Star Lord’s secret realm!”


There was a flash of horror in the eyes of the Eternal Sovereigns of Feixing Firmament. Even in the Ten Sacred Firmaments, the three big shots of Feixing Firmament, who are 4th layer Eternal Sovereigns, can become elders of many great forces. The fall of such a powerhouse shocked the whole Feixing Firmament.

In Shadow Domain, a black ray flew towards the outside.

“Want to escape? You should dies, as well!”

With an cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step, appeared in front of the black ray, and stabbed the figure in the black ray with his hand.

“Stop! Give me a way to survive! I will agree to any demand you have!”

The beautiful eyes of Shadow Lord’s wife revealed a wretched shade, and she shrieked.

With an expressionless look on his face, Yang Feng dug out an Eternal imprint and crushed it.

An Eternal true spirit flowed into Ying.

A devour black hole surged, drew the body of Shadow Lord’s wife inside, and devoured her life origin.

Yang Feng scanned Shadow Domain with his tremendous soul force. When he ascertained that there are no other Eternal Sovereigns in this place, he pointed with his hand, and a huge fleet appeared. A swarm of battle robots gushed out like a tide and rooted out the remaining forces of Shadow Lord.

Yang Feng extended his hand, and his hand evolved into a giant hand, stabbed into the Shadow Shrines, dug out Shadow Lord’s treasury, and tossed in into his great world.

“It’s time to go to the next place!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flickered with an enigmatic shade, and he blurred, turned into specks of light, and disappeared.

Morningstar Domain.

Countless stars fell.

A swarm of battle robots fought with the armies of Morningstar Domain.

Yang Feng stabbed his hand into Morningstar Lord and dug out the other party’s Eternal imprint.

Morningstar Lord’s eyes shimmered with fear, and he shouted, “Stop! Feng Eternal Sovereign, I am a member of the Star Alliance! If you kill me, the Star Alliance won’t let you get away with it!”

“Star Alliance? If they come and provoke me, I will destroy them! And make them become stepping stones on my Eternal path!”

Yang Feng crushed Morningstar Lord’s Eternal imprint with an expressionless look on his face.

Countless mysterious runes appeared and sealed Morningstar Lord’s Eternal true spirit and Eternal imprint.

A star fell, blood rained down from the sky, and idols collapsed. Visions appeared in Feixing Firmament once more.

“Morningstar Lord has fallen!”

“How could this be?”

“Feng Eternal Sovereign took down Morningstar Lord!”


When they saw the visions representing the death of Morningstar Lord, a chill welled up inside the Eternal Sovereigns of Feixing Firmament.

Bear Domain.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign is really vicious! He’s even more vicious than me! If he tries to kill me in Bear Domain, then what do I do?”

Nine Direbear watched the visions in the star sky representing the death of an Eternal Sovereign, and a chill ran down his spine.

In addition to the two big shots, the Eternal Sovereigns who competed with Yang Feng for opportunities and failed were also killed mercilessly, and their Eternal true spirits were devoured.

The domains of these Eternal Sovereigns were plundered by Yang Feng, as well.

Wherever Yang Feng’s mechanical army passed, Eternal Sovereigns trembled in their boots and closed theirs domains, not daring to oppose Yang Feng.

After plundering a large portion of Feixing Firmament’s resources in a short time, Yang Feng disappeared from Feixing Firmament with his mechanical army.

Cangzhi Plane.

In a huge laboratory, Yang Feng stepped forward, appeared in the laboratory, and said faintly: “Xingji!”

“Greetings, lord!”

Along with flashes of starlight, Xingji appeared in front of Yang Feng, and her beautiful eyes glimmered.

“I came to bestow you power and let you advance to the Eternal realm!”

Yang Feng smiled and flicked his finger, and a Kunmo Stone flew into Xingji’s hand.

In Eternal World, Kunmo Stone is a precious resource for refining Eternal grade secret treasures. Yang Feng found three Kunmo Stones in the treasuries of Morningstar Lord and Shadow Lord.