I Was Admitted To The Villain School

CH 180.1

However, Lin Xinghe reacted quickly.

At the same time, she discovered her abnormality almost in just a few minutes.

After experiencing painful nerve tugging, she teleported to the peach blossom woods and was in a state of soul body.

… Was she dead?

…Would the paper insert characters have souls after death?

Lin Xinghe tried to touch a peach tree beside her, but unfortunately, she couldn’t touch it. Her hand passed through the peach tree directly, and she couldn’t pick up any objects. The outfit on her body was still the same as before, but her portable space was gone.

Also at this time, a white shadow flew past Lin Xinghe’s eyes.

Before Lin Xinghe could see clearly, that white shadow rushed toward the depths of the peach forest. She thought for a while and then followed. Probably because of her soul body, she could not touch the ground and could only float in the air, but also because of the lightness of her soul body, her speed was much faster than that of a human body, even if she was a little dazed for a while. She caught up with that white shadow in threes and fives.

It was a white cat.

Unlike the ragdoll cat, this was just an ordinary white cat. It was a garden cat with yellow eyes, like amber.

It didn’t notice Lin Xinghe’s existence at all.

It stretched itself, licked its paws again, and turned into a petite girl, born in pink and jade, wearing a rouge pink breast-length skirt.

This place, Lin Xinghe was very familiar with, was where Xiao Xue Ji went to find Yingying.

The little girl in front of her seemed a little nervous. Her pupils after becoming human were black, like washed black grapes, full of aura like Xiao Xue Ji’s eyes.

Thinking of Xiao Xue Ji, Lin Xinghe’s mood changed slightly, but in a blink of an eye, when she thought about leaving here to find Xiao Xue Ji, maybe there was still room for her to stay. Her eyes immediately became determined.

The white cat entered the barrier, and it was exactly the same as what happened after Xiao Xue Ji entered the barrier. It also threw a peach branch into the ancient well, but the Yingying in the ancient well reacted differently. He responded with a whimper but made a human voice, “Xueqiu, you are here again, did you bring me peach branches today? It’s so beautiful, I like peach blossoms, especially pastries made of peach blossoms…”

The voice is the same as that of the Yingying when it turned into an adult, but this Yingying was obviously much gentler and more mature than the previous Yingying, and it was obviously not the same NPC.

… Could it be that there was a bug in the system?

… Was she sent to another Xianxia examination room that was exactly the same?

Just as she was thinking this way, a soft light suddenly appeared in the ancient well.

When the light faded away, there was a slim figure beside the ancient well, which was not quite the same as the girl when Yingying transformed into a human form, but more like the appearance of Yingying when she grew up to be five or six years old. The facial features had also been fine-tuned. The previous naiveness of the dragon was gone, and after a few more glances, she couldn’t help feeling pity and love.

Who would have thought that a harmless girl would be a giant dragon?

She held the peach branch and sniffed the blossoms lightly.

The white cat who turned into a girl looked up at her, as if only Yingying were in her eyes.

She picked up the girl and said, “Let me show you a spell.”

She grasped the peach branch with five fingers. As if there were stars shining, the peach branch went away with the light. When she opened her five fingers again, there was a peach wood food box in her palm. Delicate, several lifelike peach blossoms are carved on the box.

“For you, this is a gift in return.”

After Xueqiu turned into a human form, she was a three or four-year-old girl. After hugging the food box, the food box blocked half of her face, revealing only a pair of jet-black eyes.

Yingying seemed not expecting it, so she picked it up for her again, opened the first layer, and said, “This is peach blossom jelly, and the one on the right is peach blossom cake, all soft and glutinous pastries. On the second layer, desserts with a slightly harder texture. They are peach blossom crisps and peach blossom candies, both of which are edible.”

Xueqiu’s eyes lit up. She leaned forward, held the food box tightly, and said, “I can hold it! Xueqiu can hold it by myself!”

Yingying put down Xueqiu and said, “That’s right, I almost forgot, you are a demon who has cultivated for many years.”

Xueqiu carefully took out a piece of peach blossom cake, took a bite, and narrowed her eyes happily.

Yingying looked at Xueqiu, and her eyes were full of gentle maternal brilliance.

She was sitting on the edge of the ancient well. She was obviously a black dragon in her original form, but after she transformed into a human, she wore a bright-colored skirt with a flowing goose-yellow embroidered large-sleeve shirt and had a head of black, beautiful hair. Even the hair revealed a gentleness.

It was just that there is a trace of confusion in her eyes at this moment.

Miraculously, Lin Xinghe was able to read her heart.