I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 89 - Chapter 89: Father Zhang Erhe!

Chapter 89: Father Zhang Erhe!

“Son! Are you sure you did it yourself?”

Qin Hai asked once again. After all, this was not child’s play. After all, if someone were to violate someone else’s copyright, that would be a very serious matter.

Qin Yuan thought for a moment and answered Qin Hai’s doubts with certainty.

“Dad! Don’t worry! I came up with this myself!” Qin Yuan knew that the game had not yet been developed, so he was not worried about copying other people’s ideas.

“You’re really amazing! Like father, like son! Hahaha!”

Qin Hai instantly laughed out loud. Qin Yuan had really surprised him. He did not expect his son to be so talented in this area. This time, Qin Yuan helped him a lot.

“Son! Why don’t you stop being a soldier and come out to do business with me?

With your brain and ability, it would be a waste if you don’t do business.”

Qin Hai instantly had the idea of letting Qin Yuan retire. After all, Qin Yuan’s plan proved Qin Yuan’s ability and strength in market analysis.

“Dad! Forget it! I prefer guns! I’ll leave this to you and Mom!”

“Besides, if Grandpa finds out that you want me to retire, then we can forget about entering this house.”

Hearing Qin Yuan’s words, Qin Hai smiled. He knew that Qin Yuan probably did not like to be in this industry because he could feel the energy of a soldier from Qin Yuan.

Besides, Qin Yuan was right. If the old master found out, they would never be able to enter this house again. He had only just made the old master change his attitude towards him a little. If the old master knew that he had bewitched Qin Yuan to retire, the old master would definitely break his legs.

“Alright then! You’re good, kid! I heard from your grandfather that your performance in the army was very good.”

“Since you chose to be a soldier, then fight hard and contribute to the country.

Your father doesn’t like life in the army.”

“I know! Dad!”

“By the way, Dad, I’m still very familiar with this field. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me.”

“I will also recommend some software and ideas that you can use in the future.”

Qin Yuan knew that his parents were going to spend a lot of money on technology research and development in the future, so he would leave everything that could earn money to his father and the others. He was only thinking about when he could clear out his system store. After all, there were all good things in there.

“Alright! It seems that your mother and I don’t have to worry about you anymore. Your current ability is much stronger than your father’s.”

Qin Hai looked at Qin Yuan with gratification. Qin Yuan left home when he was very young. After he chose to enter the business world, the old master did not like him very much. Therefore, he could only wait until he was successful and famous before returning.

Who knew that more than 20 years had passed in the blink of an eye? Qin Yuan had also changed from the ignorant person back then to the burly young man he was now.

Just as the two of them were talking, Qin Yuan’s mother had already washed up and walked out of the bathroom.

“Son, what do you think of Xiaoxiao? Mom has taken a fancy to her. Xiaoxiao is sensible and well-behaved. She’s more than enough to match you.”

“Remember to bring Xiaoxiao out for a walk tomorrow and buy some jewelry and clothes for her. We didn’t bring anything for her this time.”

‘You have to cherish her. Mom can see that this girl has fallen in love with you.” As she spoke, she walked into the room, took out a card, and handed it to

Qin Yuan.

“Mom…What do you mean by more than enough for me? Your son is also very outstanding, okay?” Qin Yuan looked at his mother helplessly and did not know what to say. She had really forgotten about her son after having a pleasing daughter-in-law.

“Kid, remember to take Xiaoxiao out for a walk tomorrow. Go back and rest early.”

Qin Yuan could only follow his mother’s instructions. After all, he had to return to the army in a few days, so he could take Xiaoxiao out for a walk.

“Dad, Mom, you should rest early. I’ll go back to my room first.” After saying that, Qin Yuan walked back to his room.

After Qin Yuan left, Qin Hai handed Qin Yuan’s computer to Qin Yuan’s mother. “Xuemei, you should come and see your son’s masterpiece.”

“What is this?” Jiang Xuemei looked at Qin Hai with a puzzled expression.

“You’ll know when you see for yourself.” Qin Hai giggled.

“How is this possible?”

Jiang Xuemei looked at Qin Hai with a shocked expression. Her expression gradually became solemn. Looking at the contents of the computer, her shock was not inferior to Qin Yuan’s.

“Are you sure this is our son’s plan?”

“What else? This kid showed it to me just now. I was as shocked as you.” “I really didn’t expect our son to have such talent.”

Jiang Xuemei did not know what to say. Qin Yuan’s plan and idea were too perfect. They had tried dozens of plans for this cooperation, but they could not even reach one-tenth of Qin Yuan’s plan. How could she not be shocked?

At this moment, Qin Yuan was holding his phone and looking at the message that Miao Xiaoxiao had sent him. A smile gradually appeared on his face, but he did not know that his parents were still in the room looking at his proposal. The more they looked at it, the more excited they became.

Early the next morning, Qin Yuan drove to Miao Xiaoxiao’s house. He had already agreed with Miao Xiaoxiao last night that he would take her shopping today.

An hour later, Miao Xiaoxiao came down in a pink dress. Looking at Miao Xiaoxiao’s petite and lovely appearance, Qin Yuan felt a little comforted. “I didn’t wait for an hour in vain. As expected, it takes time for a woman to get ready. ”

“Brother Qin Yuan!”

From afar, Miao Xiaoxiao ran over when she saw Qin Yuan. As soon as she came up, she threw herself into Qin Yuan’s arms.

“Where are you taking me today?”

“Let’s go to the department store today, I’ll take you to choose a few beautiful clothes.”

“Alright, then Brother Qin Yuan, let’s go.”

Since the conversation last night, the two of them had confirmed their relationship. For Qin Yuan, since he was here, he should take it as it was. After all, he did like Miao Xiaoxiao.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the largest department store in N City. In the parking lot, they saw a short and fat young man with glasses arguing with a few young men and women.

Qin Yuan looked at the short and fat young man and felt that he was very familiar. Wasn’t this person Fatty Zhang?

“You people are unreasonable. I was the one who was prepared to park here first.” The fat man angrily shouted at the young men and women.

“You were only prepared to park but you haven’t, right? Whoever stops first will be the one who gets it. If you continue to force your way, I’ll beat you up!” One of the young men with colorful hair roared at the fat man.

“That’s right! Do you know who he is? He is our mayor’s son, Young Master Jiang. Do you think you can afford to offend him?” A coquettish girl holding the arm of the so-called Young Master Jiang mocked the fatty.

“What mayor’s son? I’m not afraid even if his father comes!”

“Do you know who my father is?” The fat man retorted, not caring about the mayor’s son.

“Yo! It seems that you won’t cry until you see the coffin. You don’t even care about the mayor’s son. Besides, how can your fat pig father surpass the mayor’s official position?”

After hearing Fatty’s words, the woman continued to mock him. In her eyes, no one in N City could be more important than the mayor.

“Humph! So what if he’s the son of the mayor? My father is Zhang Erhe!” The fatty retorted in the face of the woman’s mockery.

“What is it? What father, Zhang Erhe? Why haven’t I heard of this person in N City!”

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