I Am Supreme

Chapter 1030 - Not Exactly Normal?

Chapter 1030: Not Exactly Normal?

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Despite their doubts, the ten men did not dare stop their mystical Qi steering.

Up to now, the powerful medicinal strength had charged through more than half of the barriers in the body’s meridians, but there was no sign of its momentum weakening! It was still rushing forward, like an enraged dragon that was destroying anything that dared be in its way.

A barrier, an obstacle, another hurdle… As the medicinal strength pushed through vigorously, even the bridge between heaven and earth was connected!

The Supreme level!

All ten disciples had forged ahead into the Supreme level as their cultivation base was promoted explosively.

The level of Supreme was a mark in the journey of cultivation.

There was a senior who once said that the so-called Supreme was to be invincible; it was being the Supreme of the human realm without anything to do with the heavens. This Supreme was only a title – a speck of dust in heaven, but a Supreme in the mortal world.

The true meaning was saying that the dust in the eyes of those marvelously capable masters was sufficient to become a Supreme among the humans.

Nevertheless, it was stepping on the starting point of the martial path towards the heavens once one ascended to this level. How else could one know about the Supreme Acme level if one had not arrived at the Supreme?

It was like hiking; how could one know about higher and mightier peaks as well as the ocean of clouds if one had not conquered a mountain?

The disciples had quietly pushed on to the Supreme level in this fated occurrence.

Due to the breakthrough of the disciples, the mystical Qi that suddenly hiked surged swiftly in their meridians. The increased mystical Qi flowed with medicinal strength and they grew fiercer. The Supreme beginner, intermediate, ace, completion, pinnacle… All forces poured and swept towards a meridian so strong it was almost invincible.

There was a total of three challenges upon the consumption of stacking five medicinal pills including the Emerald Cloud Pill.

Firstly, it was the medicinal torrent that the subject could not adapt to but it could be passed safely with an expert guarding by the side.

Secondly, it was the meridian damage that would be caused during the breakthrough process assisted by the medicinal tide; this was the hardest stage as it could hardly be overcome unless the subject could perform self-healing or the guarding expert possessed special support.

Thirdly, which was also the current stage, was the last barrier of the subject’s current cultivation journey; the future was smooth sailing for those who could pass it while an inability to do so would inevitably kill the subject!

The Demiurge-Flawed Ten understood the workings, realizing that this was the actual fight now. They pulled up eighty percent of their mystical Qi and combined it with the spiritual Qi to aid their disciples in an attempt to obtain an aggressive breakthrough.

The torrent of mystical Qi blasted towards the strong wall of the meridian.


It had happened in the meridian and barely created any noise of collision but both the disciples and the Demiurge-Flawed Ten instinctively felt deafened.

Sun Mingxiu was the first among the disciples to officially achieve the breakthrough. Upon the advancement, he felt as if the whole world had exploded within his mind! It was like his soul had drifted to the nine clouds and had broken free from gravity.

He also did not know that his body was actually violently shaking while his seven orifices were spraying tiny streams of blood! A moment later, each of his pores spurted blood as well! Instantly, it was a shower of crimson, staining everything within thirty feet around him red.

In spite of it, the impenetrable barrier of Sun Mingxiu was shattered in the previous instant! It had been broken down!

The Supreme Acme level was achieved! It was a breakthrough!

A short quarter of an hour later, the first top ten disciples of the Residence of Nine Supremes, with Sun Mingxiu being the lead, had all successfully advanced to the Supreme Acme level!

The spiritual energy that was produced flowed into the medicinal stream and the previous spiritual Qi, adding more vigor to the already billowing energy. However, the stream of energy was obviously weaker now because breaking the barrier to the Supreme Acme just now had depleted too much force.

It was more good than bad as the reduced vigor was much more controllable than prior.

The Demiurge-Flawed Ten relaxed, controlling the weakening spiritual Qi in their disciples’ meridians and circulating it in high speed to take over and pass through the meridians barren of mystical Qi. It was only now that the ten of them could breathe a sigh of relief.

The breakthrough was accomplished! It was a success!

They were at ease, but the ten children still looked awful with their seven bleeding orifices.

After their masters pulled away with their mystical Qi, the children were motionless, unable to even circulate their own mystical Qi.

The men knew that it was the collision in breaking down the meridian wall that caused the children’s spirits to temporarily leave their bodies. They would gain consciousness a while later. It was sufficient that they guarded them during this period of time.

As the Demiurge-Flawed Ten’s external mystical Qi moved away, the disciples’ instinct to adjust themselves reclaimed the initiative and directed their own mystical Qi in the most comfortable and stable method to course through the meridians, like a tidal but smooth flowing river.

The crisis had been overcome!

In the hall, Yun Yang was still seated expressionless on the leader’s throne; his gaze did not even change throughout the entire procedure. In reality, his numb body had relaxed softly.


Yun Yang breathed out a long exhalation.

“So close!”

He had almost been pushed to hell by Dong Qitian.

If it were not for Emmie and Dong Qitian’s previous statement of Hu Xiaofan being able to go through the process unscathed that hinted Yun Yang, forget the twenty percent, it was unlikely that even one out of the ten could survive this Emerald Cloud Path!

Of course, it was not Dong Qitian’s intention. He had just mistaken the medicinal potency.

Dong Qitian’s assumption was based on the Ultimate Heaven Sect’s past performance in using the five stacked medicinal pills. The heaven and earth treasures that he had used to refine the pills in the past were standard fare, but…

The goods Yun Yang had given him this time were resources that Emmie had nourished in the deific consciousness space!

The difference was a contrast in quality.

Strictly speaking, the medicinal efficacy of the combination Emerald Cloud Pill that the children had consumed this time was many, many times stronger than every other time that Dong Qitian had ever cultivated them!

If it were not for Yun Yang’s early judgment and his request that Emmie oversee the procedure in advance, the disciples would probably have erupted into pieces right when the Emerald Cloud Pills were ingested… It was even possible that the Demiurge-Flawed Ten would be harmed as well!

It was too f*cking close!

Dong Qitian was still watching in worry from outside the hall.

When the fourth medicinal pill was sent into the disciples’ bodies, he could already sense something unusual.

As an experienced cultivator and pill refining expert, he was naturally aware of the anomaly in the force of lifeblood and it’s soaring extent… Why was the effect so powerful?