Devil Slave (Satan system)

Chapter 451 The Demon Guests 3

Chapter 451 The Demon Guests 3

"Back then, our Alpha tried to communicate with it for a solution to the problem, but for the first time in history, the Primordial Beast refused an audience with him.

For many years, we had to figure out our way in this new world by ourselves.

Not just demons and the abominations they came with, but also humans sort our sanctuary.

Those were not good times." Elder Isaiah shook his head in pity. Obviously, memories were running through his mind of the former world, and regret filled him.

"We lost a lot of fine men and women back then, but such was life.

It was then that we placed rules against the entry of everyone and anybody who desired sanctuary in the city.

Naturally, we could not accept demons or Magi, but we could also not accept humans either.

It was not our fault, we needed to preserve our existence as much as possible.

Luckily for us, the Primordial Beast had left us with some of its residual aura, driving away mutated beasts and even keeping demons at bay.

It was the mask that hid our truth from the outside world.

We were alone!

However, a few years later, the primordial beast finally summoned our Alpha, requesting to see a young girl.

A young girl that the primordial beast touched After that, our Alpha was instructed to have a child with her.

This is knowledge that was only known to me, Chief of the Elders.

That was how Victor was born. The child with the purest bloodline since our history, carrying with him a small piece of the Primordial Beast itself.

By virtue of such a meticulous method of choosing whom the Primordial Beast wanted to rule, it was only fair that Victor became the next Alpha, but we are still a people of tradition.

Besides, if things are not done this way, Victor will only be a figurehead, lacking respect from his own people.

This pack respects blood and iron. That has not changed."

Lenny listened to what Elder Isaiah had said and truly wondered how all this was of any concern to him.

"I bet you are wondering how all this concerns you." Elder Isaiah added, voicing out Lenny\'s thoughts.

Reminding Lenny that the instincts of an old man should be respected.

"Well, as you saw the other day, a giant octopus attacked the city. If it were while we still had the primordial beast\'s protection, it would not be so.

That Deep Demon rank Octopus was from a Great Demon rank existence. The most dangerous one of all, Baroness Everbee of the Wandering City, and cousin to your former Arena master, Cuban!"

Lenny frowned, sitting up right.

He looked intently at the elder as his quick mind tried to come up with a solution for what he believed the elder was trying to say.

"Let me guess," Lenny said. "You are saying that the attack of the giant Octopus was not a coincidence."

Elder Isaiah nodded his head, "How can it be? When it comes to the baroness, respecting her ways will be the wisest option."

"Considering what you did to her little cousin, this is the only plausible answer," Duncan added. "But that is not all, we believe there is more to it."

"What more is there?" Lenny asked, curious about the answer.

"We believe that she was killing two birds with one stone. In other words, that mutated Octopus was not just for you, it was here to test..."

"The Primordial Beast!" Lenny finished Duncan\'s words.


However, this made Lenny think of a lot of things and ask a lot of questions.

"But I was not the person who defeated the giant octopus."

"No, you weren\'t! That\'s the second problem we have," Elder Isaiah added. "The Baroness is not the only Great Demon rank existence that is coming for the Primordial Beast."There are others, too. The baroness is just the most straight-forward one."

"Like Mr. Augustus," Duncan explained, "however, all their aim is the same. They are trying to breakthrough into the Greater Demon realm."

"What does this have to do with the primordial beast?" Lenny asked.

"Everything!" Duncan replied. "I don\'t think you know how demons operate, but one method of growth is CONSUMPTION!

The Primordial Beast is a native of this world. It is connected to its life vein.

Consuming it can be that push that kicks the cosmic barrier on the Greater Demon realm out of the way."

Lenny nodded to this. "I\'ll take that the primordial beast is dying, and that is why..."

"No!" Elder Isaiah interrupted him, "not dying. At least not in that sense. You see, it placed a piece of itself into Victor\'s mother and into Victor.

This piece, sealed in Victor, has been able to survey the new world for adaptability.

It\'s like taking a vaccine and developing antibodies to a virus. That piece inside Victor can help the primordial beast against the poisonous magic in this world."

"In other words, the primordial beast planted it intentionally years ago, as a means to aid itself." Lenny asked.

Duncan and Elder Isaiah nodded in unison.

"Then why don\'t you just hand over the boy and get it over with?"

Elder Isaiah sighed, "If it were so simple, we would have done that years ago. You see, where the Primordial Beast resides is a private space. One that can only be opened by the acknowledged Alpha of the People of Milk and Honey."

"Oh!" Lenny now understood what was going on. "In other words, you need Victor to win the fight so that he can open the private space and the primordial beast could receive this \'Antibody\' from him."

"That is basically it. But like I said before, there are also other Great Demon-rank existences that are after the Primordial Beast. If we had not done something about it, they would be banging at our door."

Lenny\'s eyes suddenly brightened in understanding. "That is why you allowed the participants to choose fighters from beyond the city. You want to give the other Great Demon rank existences the impression that they can win fair and square. In other words, this is not just a battle to be Alpha, but a secret battle with Great Demon rank existences..."

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