Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Chapter 64: No Barrier For Protection?!

Jiang Hao had never intended to get involved. However, he happened to be nearby and couldn’t refuse to help a fellow disciple from the same sect.

If only he had seen them beforehand, he would have gone the other way! He had no choice but to put up an act to show his fellow disciple that he was doing his best.

He threw the Ten Thousand Sword Talisman. That was all he was willing to do. The enemy could easily block that attack and leave.

Everyone assumed that he was in the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, so just trying to help was worthy of praise.

Jiang Hao activated the Ten Thousand Sword Talisman. The enemy had already activated the magic array. His talisman wouldn’t hinder the enemy’s magic.

Jiang Hao wanted him gone more than anybody else.

Jiang Hao thought that by the time the Ten Thousand Swords even reached the magic array, the enemy would have long disappeared. However, the swords stabbed into the array and interrupted the enemy.

One of the swords even stabbed Xuanyuan Tai in the thigh.

Xuanyuan Tai turned to Jiang Hao with contempt in his eyes. Jiang Hao was speechless.

‘Seriously?’ thought Jiang Hao. ‘It’s an important array which could help you escape and yet… you didn’t even put a barrier for protection?!’

The interface blinked and informed him that he had obtained an Aggro bubble.

[Aggro +1]

Jiang Hao was preparing to attack. He didn’t want the enemy to annihilate him in his anger.


Manlong had completely broken free from the runes. He charged at Xuanyuan Tai and slammed him to the ground with one hand.

“Tsk… is that all you have?” Xuanyuan Tai stared coldly at the Manlong. “Do you think you’ve finally caught me?”

“Try being this insufferable when you are sent to the Lawless Tower!” said Manlong. He turned to Jiang Hao. “I’m Manlong, a disciple from the Flowing

Waterfall. What’s your name, Junior Brother?”

“Jiang Hao from the Cliff of Broken Hearts,” said Jiang Hao politely.

“Alright,” said Manlong. “Thank you for your help. I’ll be sure to credit this to you. However, even if I don’t, I hope you can understand. I have worked hard to subdue this piece of sh*t.” Manlong laughed.

“Of course, Senior Brother Manlong,” said Jiang Hao. “I barely did anything. It was all your effort. I just happened to be passing by.”

Jiang Hao didn’t really care for any sort of credit right now.

Manlong chuckled. “You seem wise. However, if I get a reward, I’ll be sure to direct the remaining resources to you. I’ll remember your help.”

Manlong looked around. “You should wait here until tomorrow. The matter with the mine should be resolved by then. Don’t loiter around. It’s dangerous.” He then left with the defeated enemy.

Jiang Hao heaved a sigh of relief when the two people left. He didn’t really care about credit and recognition. He had helped Manlong in capturing an important disciple of the Blackheaven Sect. The more people knew about that, the more he would be targeted!

He had already provoked a lot of people. He didn’t want to add the Blackheaven Sect to the list. It would be difficult to clear his name in the future. He couldn’t live like a runaway all his life!

He retreated to the depths of the forest. Although Manlong had said it was safer here, he didn’t quite believe it.

However, he had no choice but to wait it out. The problem in the mines might be resolved soon.

Jiang Hao sat cross-legged under a tree. He placed his Primordial Heavenly Blade on his lap. He was refining and accumulating energy in the saber.

If anyone came close, he would need to use the saber to attack. If he had enough energy accumulated in the saber, it would work in his favor. He sat there the entire day. The next morning, the area around the mines was quiet.

However, he waited till evening to make his way back to the mines. The situation seemed to have been resolved.

‘It looks like everything is fine now. I can’t hear any explosions.’

The mines looked intact, which meant that the Blackheaven Sect had failed.

Jiang Hao walked all the way to the little exit from where he had fled the day before. He found Wu Jing and the other miners where he had left them.

They sat cross-legged on the ground, looking scared. Some of them had been injured because of the explosion. It had been impossible for them to get out.

They weren’t stupid. They knew that they would drop dead the minute they stepped out, so they had chosen to wait inside.

They were lost and frightened. Jiang Hao had told them to wait here and then disappeared. They felt that their supervisor had abandoned them.

“Senior Brother Jiang, you’re back!” said Wu Jing.

The others turned to look. Their faces brightened. Even though previous inner sect disciples had treated them very badly as their supervisors, they were happy to see Jiang Hao.

They felt that Jiang Hao was different. He was kinder.

Jiang Hao nodded and acknowledged them. He distributed some Pain-Relieving Talismans to the ones injured. He asked Wu Jing if he was alright.

Wu Jing was happy to see him. He told Jiang Hao that Yan Hua was looking for him.

Jiang Hao stayed quiet.

A few miners had run away when the commotion started. The rest had stayed put till someone came to rescue them.

“I found a way out,” said Jiang Hao. “Follow me.”

He led the miners through the small path past the lava pit.

They met Liu Xingchen and some other disciples who were there to rescue the miners.

“It’s good to see you, Junior Brother Jiang. I have some things I need to talk to you about.”

Liu Xingchen was glad to see that Jiang Hao was okay..

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