Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 612 - 612 Eyes of Abyssal Void

612 Eyes of Abyssal Void

Outside Blacktooth Maximum Security Prison, Feng Yuqing carried her luggage and looked at the vast sky.

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The sky was dark blue, and a breeze blew past.

The Qingfang civilization crushes all rebellion. Why would they pardon me? Feng Yuqing was puzzled.

“Feng Yuqing.” Accompanying this voice was an approaching team.

Feng Yuqing looked at these people in confusion.

“Feng Yuqing, please check your latest civilization notice,” the officer leading the team said with a smile.

“Civilization notice?” Feng Yuqing immediately opened the projection, and a civilization notice appeared—”Qingfang Civilization’s Supreme Council’s resolution on Flower Village.”

Feng Yuqing, member of the Qingfang Civilization’s Supreme Council, has named a private planet in the Mother Stream Cosmic Sector ‘Flower Village Planet.’ The Supreme Council has approved Senator Feng Yuqing’s motion. All citizens of Flower Village are free to choose if they are willing to migrate to Flower Village Planet and become permanent residents there.

The Qingfang civilization would assist in the migration and escort the Flower Village members to the Mother Stream Cosmic Sector’s Flower Village Planet.

“Wh—” Feng Yuqing stared at the civilization notification in a daze.

“Establish Flower Village Planet in another cosmic sector?” Feng Yuqing glanced at the officer in front of her. “Qingfang Civilization has allowed us to rebuild our civilization?”

“Yes, Senator Feng Yuqing.” The officer nodded.

“Senator Feng Yuqing?” Feng Yuqing was puzzled. “When did I become a senator?”

“After being nominated by Speaker Landoway and unanimously approved by the Supreme Council, you have become the 3928th member of our Qingfang Civilization’s Supreme Council,” the officer said with a smile. “Senator Feng Yuqing, I believe you won’t object to rebuilding Flower Village in your name, right?”

“No objections.”

Feng Yuqing was puzzled. “But all of this…”

“You can ask your friend, Wu Qi, for the details,” the officer said with a smile.

When Landoway and Toming met Xu Jingming, Wu Qi was beside them. Landoway and Toming naturally investigated and immediately learned of Wu Qi’s relationship with Feng Yuqing over the years.

“Ask Qi?” Feng Yuqing was naturally very familiar with Wu Qi and had a good relationship with him, but it puzzled her even more. “Although Qi is very impressive, he’s only a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform. He’s nothing to the Qingfang Civilization.”

The Qingfang Civilization was a huge civilization with more than 200 Origin lifeforms.

Wu Qi was demoted despite the intercession of Keyu—the person in charge of the Demon Vanquishing Group.


Feng Yuqing looked at the elder on the projection, and the elder was extremely excited. “Lass, how did you do it? How did you get the Qingfang Civilization to take the initiative to help us rebuild our civilization?”

“Elder Yu, I’ll explain the reason to everyone in the virtual world tomorrow,” Feng Yuqing replied. At this moment, she didn’t know the root cause.

“Alright.” The elder was excited. “I never expected to see the day of the reconstruction of Flower Village’s civilization before my death. Hahaha, well done, Lass. Hahaha…”

Feng Yuqing also smiled.

Too many Flower Village members were looking forward to this day.

In Wu Qi’s personal space in the virtual world.

Feng Yuqing and Wu Qi sat opposite each other.

“Qi.” Feng Yuqing stared at Wu Qi. “What’s going on? Why did everything change in the blink of an eye? Didn’t the Qingfang Civilization crush all rebellions?”

“Miss,” Wu Qi said with a smile, “Young Master helped.”

“Young Master? Who’s Young Master?” Feng Yuqing was puzzled.

Wu Qi explained, “Back in the Demon Vanquishing World, after Miss died, I waited until Young Master grew up! In reality, Lord Wu Ming descended into the Demon Vanquishing World and became him. I followed him around the world for more than ten years, and it was actually me following Lord Wu Ming for more than ten years…”

Feng Yuqing was stunned. What?

“Residents of the Demon Vanquishing World are usually replaced by AI when they are young. Only in the future will a real person’s consciousness descend.” Feng Yuqing found it unbelievable. “That virtual life in the Demon Vanquishing World… Lord Wu Ming descended after my child became an adult?”

Feng Yuqing was focused on rebuilding her civilization and knew a lot of information. The cosmic lifeforms who were slightly knowledgeable knew the most dazzling Origin lifeform of this era, Wu Ming, so Feng Yuqing naturally knew about him.

“Qi, did you already know this all along? That the young master you followed was Lord Wu Ming?” Feng Yuqing asked.

“I guessed it.” Wu Qi nodded. “But I had never contacted him before.”

“You didn’t even mention it to me,” Feng Yuqing said. If I had known this, fewer Flower Village citizens would have died over the years.

“After all, it was an experience in the virtual world. Since Young Master didn’t take the initiative to contact me, I didn’t dare disturb him, much less tell anyone,” Wu Qi explained. “Young Master met me and found out the reason for my demotion. He specially met the two Lv. 10 Origin lifeforms of the Qingfang Civilization to discuss this matter.”

Feng Yuqing came to a realization. “So Lord Wu Ming met those two important figures from Qingfang Civilization.”

Now that the important figures had come to an agreement, everything naturally fell into place.

“Qi.” Feng Yuqing asked, “Can I visit Lord Wu Ming? We’re too indebted to him.”

Wu Qi shook his head gently.

“No?” Feng Yuqing was puzzled.

“I’ve asked if he wants to meet you, Miss,” Wu Qi said. “Young Master said that there’s no need to meet.”

Xu Jingming knew what Uncle Qi cared about the most, so he helped rebuild the Flower Village Civilization. He wasn’t willing to meet strangers.

Feng Yuqing was taken aback before nodding slightly. “That’s true. In fact, I never had any interactions with him.”

“Qi, what will you do in the future?” Feng Yuqing asked.

“I’ll follow him in the future.” Wu Qi smiled.

Feng Yuqing also sighed. “Destiny is indeed magical. If your ex-wife knows about this, with her character, she would definitely change her mind.”

“It’s all in the past.” Wu Qi shook his head and got up. “Miss, Young Master’s corporation has just been established, so there’s still a lot to do. I’ll make a move first.”

“Alright.” Feng Yuqing got up.

She knew very well that as a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform in the past, Wu Qi was considered a top talent, but as Lord Wu Ming’s friend, he was already a towering tree! The reconstruction of the Flower Village Civilization needed a tree to shelter them from the wind and rain.

Qi… He’s too smart, Feng Yuqing thought. Wu Qi had once rejected her marriage proposal.

Feng Yuqing was very cautious when interacting with Wu Qi, afraid that she would ruin their relationship. For example, Wu Qi’s ex-wife had completely destroyed that relationship.


On a bustling habitable planet.

More than a thousand cosmic lifeforms in uniform stood in the square and looked at the great existence fervently.

“Greetings, Lord Wu Ming.”

The leader genuflected respectfully along with more than a thousand people; all of them were extremely respectful.

At the front of the square, the black-robed Xu Jingming stood there like a dark abyss that made one’s heart palpitate. Beside him were Wu Qi and his children.

Wu Qi could still hold his ground, but his children were a little nervous and afraid.

Xu Jingming looked at the thousand-plus people calmly.

Xu Jingming said, “Uncle Qi, the Abyssal Void Group now has 1,000 habitable planets and 71,810 agricultural and mining planets. These planets are scattered across the three advanced cosmic civilizations and 5,632 Star Alliances. The population under the Abyssal Void Group’s jurisdiction is about 1.1 trillion. These people in front of me were selected from a population of 1.1 trillion. They will be under your command in the future.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Wu Qi nodded.

“I’ve already registered the Abyssal Void Group. These planets and population are under the corporation’s name,” Xu Jingming said. “The corporation’s registration capital is ten quadrillion cosmic dollars.”

No matter how calm Wu Qi was, he couldn’t help but say, “Ten quadrillion?”

Xu Jingming nodded.

The growth of the Pearwood Group was relatively stable. As his wife and daughter’s management abilities improved, and as the company expanded, Xu Jingming injected funds into it to slowly improve.

However, the Abyssal Void Group was purely Xu Jingming’s tool for simulation! It wasn’t even related to Earth’s civilization, so he had invested so much.

“Understood.” Wu Qi calmed down, and his children listened in a daze. Ten quadrillion? And it’s cosmic dollars?

“Uncle Qi, your first mission in charge of the corporation is to select 30 geniuses on the evolutionary path from within the corporation. As for the level of the geniuses… I’ll use your children as the threshold,” Xu Jingming said.

Wu Qi was puzzled.

“It’s fine as long as they reach your children’s talent,” Xu Jingming said. “I plan on taking these 30 people in as disciples. Two of them shall be your son and daughter. Do you have any objections?”

“No.” Wu Qi was pleasantly surprised and immediately looked at his children.

With a glance from their father, Wu Tanqiu and Wu Cheng’an immediately understood. The two of them didn’t hesitate to say respectfully, “Greetings, Master.”

Xu Jingming’s eyes were cold as he nodded slightly. “Choose the disciples as soon as possible.”

“The selection will be completed in ten days,” Wu Qi immediately said.

Xu Jingming nodded slightly before disappearing into thin air.

“Contact me in the virtual world if anything happens in the future.” Xu Jingming’s voice echoed in Wu Qi’s mind.

Xu Jingming lived in seclusion on a planet that housed a pirate lair.

He hadn’t lost control many times over the years, and the number of pirate planets he had truly destroyed was actually limited.

I’ve sorted out Uncle Qi’s karma for the imitation method. He’ll follow me in the future, Xu Jingming thought. I established the Abyssal Void Group to prepare for the imitation method in the future.

I can vaguely sense Master of the Abyssal Void… He has monstrous authority in high-dimensional space. He has 30 disciples under him, and all of them follow him loyally.

Xu Jingming also needed sufficient authority; the Abyssal Void Group was his henchmen! He also needed 30 disciples under him to help him expand his career!

Visualizing the Abyssal Void!

Xu Jingming sat cross-legged in a dark chamber and visualized Master of the Abyssal Void again.

Master of the Abyssal Void was infinitely towering. Xu Jingming vaguely saw a pair of eyes on his originally blurry face.

This is—

Eyes of Abyssal Void!

Xu Jingming caught a glimpse of the pair of eyes, and the pair of eyes also saw him!

The two looked at each other!

Xu Jingming’s head rumbled!


The terrifying aura instantly destroyed everything in its surroundings, and the pirate planet Xu Jingming lived on turned ethereal.

In fact, as he received more and more high-dimensional information, it became harder and harder to obtain more high-dimensional information. The probability of losing control was also decreasing.

But recently, Xu Jingming had met Yang Qingshuo, Liu Hai, and a group of Earth-era relatives and friends. Then, he met Tejano, Uncle Qi, and the others. He sorted out his karma and finally reached a new limit.

Xu Jingming saw the Eyes of Abyssal Void.

Master of the Abyssal Void appeared in reality, standing at 10,000 kilometers tall. His figure was much smaller than the last time, but it was clearly clearer and more corporeal. Xu Jingming sat cross-legged at the chest of Master of the Abyssal Void’s figure.

The surrounding space collapsed and distorted.

The destructive power from the descent of Abyssal Void’s projection was already unbearable.

Xu Jingming has grasped more high-dimensional information about Abyssal Void! The Abyssal Void projection that descended is also more realistic. On Spacetime Island, a gray-robed figure silently looked at the well and saw Xu Jingming through a cosmic well.

Abyssal Void’s projection is more realistic and terrifying, but the range has narrowed to only 10,000 kilometers. Even if he loses control, the range will be smaller. The gray-robed figure nodded slightly.