The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Mistake and Truth

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Although Sawyer’s question was hesitant and cautious, Karen didn’t realize it at all. She chuckled and pulled Charlotte toward him. “I didn’t get it wrong. Well, you sent so many expensive engagement gifts to our home for Charlotte previously, and we couldn’t agree more to this marriage! This might seem embarrassing, but I thought that the banquet tonight was for Charlotte’s engagement!”

After thinking about it, Sawyer immediately understood. It turned out that the Carters had gotten the wrong idea!

When Lucas had just returned to Orange County, Sawyer tried to look out for him. On the one hand, because Chad Kennedy, the butler of the Huttons, had requested him. On the other hand, he wanted to get into Lucas’s good books too. So he had specially prepared expensive betrothal gifts for Cheyenne on behalf of Lucas.

But the Carters mistook that Sawyer wanted his son to marry Charlotte.

Sawyer was caught between laughter and tears. “Mrs. Carter, you’ve really made a mistake. I only have a son and a daughter, who are both married.”

Karen was immediately dumbstruck. The wealthy son-in-law she had been looking forward to turned out to already belong to someone else.

Charlotte turned pale too. Since Ethan Sawyer’s son is already married, he can’t marry me. In that case… what’s the matter with those betrothal gifts?

Karen pondered over it, and when she thought of something, her face turned a little sullen. “Um, Mr. Sawyer, since your son is already married, these betrothal gifts… Your family might be very wealthy, but Charlotte is a young bachelorette. She can’t become your second wife without a proper status.”

Hearing Karen’s words, Charlotte turned pale in shock. She had indeed heard such rumors before. Many wealthy men had several wives at the same time, even though only one of them was rightfully married to them. However, she didn’t want to be in such a relationship!

Sawyer was speechless, as he didn’t expect Karen to think this.

At first, he was thinking of helping Lucas by giving those expensive gifts to make Lucas’s status seem more distinguished. To his surprise, Lucas refused to reveal his identity, so it was hard to give an explanation for the gifts.

After thinking about it, Sawyer said, “Mrs. Carter, those gifts are actually for your eldest daughter, Cheyenne Carter’s…”

Before he could say the word ‘husband’, Karen screamed in horror. “What? For Cheyenne?! You want Cheyenne to be your second wife? This… Cheyenne is already married and has a child. If your family doesn’t mind, we… Don’t worry. Cheyenne’s husband is a loser. I’ll get them to divorce immediately!”

“Mom! What nonsense are you spouting?!” Charlotte didn’t expect her mother to agree to such an absurd matter of letting Cheyenne become his second wife. She was instantly furious and anxious.

Meanwhile, Sawyer broke out in a cold sweat after being shocked by Karen’s words! Oh my god? Who would dare to let Lucas Gray’s wife become their second wife? Are you sick of living?!

Mrs. Carter is really strange. How could she let her daughter get a divorce and become someone else’s second wife while still rejoicing? I don’t get it!

Sawyer hurriedly stopped Karen and exclaimed, “Mrs. Carter! Hear me out. I meant that those gifts are for your daughter’s husband, Mr. Lucas Gray! Previously, Mr. Gray did me a big favor, so I wanted to give some gifts to him. There might have been some slip-ups in between that resulted in this misunderstanding.

“Don’t worry. My children are all married. They won’t harbor designs on your daughter!” Sawyer hurriedly put an end to it.

Karen’s face was full of disbelief. Those expensive gifts, the car, and the villa that are worth millions, as well as the shares and cash, are all for that good-for-nothing Lucas?

How can that loser be capable enough to get such expensive gifts from the Sawyers?!

However, since Ethan Sawyer said it himself, Karen had to believe it.

On the other hand, Charlotte was surprised and came to a sudden realization. Indeed, as she had expected, Lucas was not an ordinary person.

However, at the same time, she felt awkward and embarrassed too. It turned out that those gifts were not for her but Lucas. Yet she was flaunting those things to him previously, and she had even mocked him for being too poor to afford them.

Oh goodness! What was Lucas thinking when I did that?!

Charlotte was ashamed and embarrassed, and so was Karen because she had made a big fuss out of a huge misunderstanding. The two of them did not have the cheek to continue walking into the private room.

At this moment, Cheyenne was standing on the top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, almost too scared to go forth.

The area of the ground in front of her was covered with vibrant and delicate fresh flowers, as well as green plants and flower pots of staggered heights that created a winding path. There were also romantic lights and balloons. All of this made the entire top floor seem like the most beautiful fantastical world.

At the end of the path, there was a tall figure who seemed familiar yet like a stranger to Cheyenne.

His features, appearance, and figure were all familiar to her, as they were the same as the person who appeared beside her every day.

However, he felt like a stranger because he was wearing a suave white military uniform with a metal shoulder badge in the shape of an eagle feather. He looked handsome, sharp, and suave, completely unlike the person Cheyenne was familiar with.

Seeing that Cheyenne had frozen in place, the man smiled and said in a warm voice, “Cheyenne.”

It’s really Lucas!

My husband, Lucas!

Cheyenne watched as Lucas, who was wearing that valiant white military uniform, stepped onto the winding path paved with flower petals. She felt that she seemed to have slipped into a dream. All of a sudden, she couldn’t tell if it was a dream or reality.

Lucas walked toward Cheyenne while gazing at her. “Back then, I had nothing to my name, and I couldn’t give you a decent wedding nor any gifts. I even caused you to suffer so much, and you’ve been unhappy. Now, I’d like to make it up to you.”

Lucas knelt down on one knee, holding a dazzling diamond ring in his palm. It was the pink diamond ring worth tens of millions of dollars and had caught the attention of everyone just now!

Cheyenne covered her chest with both hands, shocked beyond words.

T-this diamond ring and the mysterious young man Flynn Davis mentioned…

Previously, her younger sister even jokingly said that it might be Lucas, but it looked like it was really Lucas!

“Cheyenne, I may be many years late, but I still want to ask you sincerely. Will you marry me?”